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Today's IT industry talks lot about 'the cloud'. But what does it mean and what impact does it have on small businesses?

The latest technology of 'cloud computing' is bringing about a big change in the way small businesses operate and manage their enterprises. While large companies are able to justify high costs on investing in new technologies, it is a different story for small businesses where cash flow and resources are limited. Some of the challenges for SMEs lie in identifying how to reduce total cost of ownership, increase cost savings, easier and faster implementation and justifying investment in infrastructure management.

This is where Cloud Computing comes into the picture. What does it do? It enables companies to access software services and store data online through the Internet. Overall, it helps in managing various IT systems without significant investment in IT infrastructure, consequently reducing costs and increasing savings.

Going beyond, mere accessibility of computing resources on demand, GSS Infotech adopts a unique approach. Our 'Cloud-iT' services enable you to take an informed low-cost decision before 'On-Boarding' applications to Cloud Platform. Moreover, our methodology helps you assimilate, understand, strategize, evaluate, and adopt different 'Cloud Platforms' best suited to your business.

With decades of experience in Application Development and IT engineering services, we have a robust footprint in the infrastructure space to support Cloud. With GSS Cloud-iT Services, you benefit by reducing 28% of total cost of ownership, easier implementation, and faster application rollout and reduced need for software licenses.

It is imperative in today's ever evolving market to make informed investment decisions, especially related to new technologies. With the new technology of Cloud Computing, small businesses stand to gain the most. And while it helps in minimizing costs and increasing savings it also enables infrastructure to grow along with company. Easy to see why with Cloud Computing, it's a win-win situation all the way.